Volvo wins BRT order

Volvo wins BRT order Volvo wins BRT order
Volvo is to supply El Salvador with 190 buses for a bus rapid transit service in the capital, San Salvador. There will be 130 standard 12m B290R buses and 60 artics which will be 21m long and based on the mid-engined B340M. All will be bodied in Brazil by Marcopolo.

Most of the vehicles will be equipped with the Volvo Bus Fleet Management service, which lets the operators track their buses in real time. The system provides information about fuel consumption, emissions, hours in operation and average speed for each vehicle in the fleet. Deliveries start this month and will be completed in the spring of 2014.

“Once again we’re participating in the process of developing a BRT system in Latin America. This is something we are proud of, as it adds to the effectiveness of our vehicles in addressing a transport model that offers a higher quality of life to people who live in the city”, says Luis Carlos Pimenta, president of Volvo Bus Latin America.