Traffic commissioner sets TRC in Manchester

Traffic commissioner sets TRC in Manchester Beverley Bell, north western traffic commissioner imposes TRC in the city.

FOLLOWING a day of severe traffic congestion in Manchester city centre, allegedly caused by extra services launched by UK North in competition with Stagecoach, north western traffic commissioner Beverley Bell has moved with unprecedented haste to impose a traffic regulation condition in the city.

The congestion was reported on Monday 4 September. The TRC was put in force on Friday 8 September.

A statement from Bell’s office said "that as a result of recent activities by bus operators in Manchester city centre there has been and continues to be severe traffic congestion and a danger to road users. The traffic commissioner finds this situation totally unacceptable".

In response to a request from the city council, Bell issued a TRC controlling traffic flow around Piccadilly Gardens bus station and limiting the number of departures from specified stops to 18 or 24 an hour and the number of buses using the street on which the stands are located to 168 an hour.

The TRC also bans the use of the street by buses which are not in service.

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