First Mercedes-Benz Tourismos now in service

First Mercedes-Benz Tourismos now in service One of the first UK-based Tourismos in service with Hemmings Coaches.

THE FIRST Mercedes-Benz Tourismos for UK operators are now entering service, with Hemmings Coaches of Bideford being among the early customers. The Turkish-built Tourismo replaces the Touro, which was built in Portugal in a joint venture with Caetano.

The new coach is to be used on Hemmings Coaches’ UK and continental holidays. "We take considerable pride in offering our clients a top-quality holiday experience, and on our tours we only operate vehicles which are less than three years old," explains Ken Hemmings. "Comfort is a key consideration when you take people on a touring holiday, and in drawing up the specification of the Tourismo we have made sure that our customers will know they are travelling in a top-quality coach."

The Tourismo uses an uprated version of the 354bhp 12-litre engine which was fitted to the Touro, and which meets Euro 4 exhaust limits. Standard features of the new model include independent front suspension, electronic braking system with disc brakes, electronic stability programme, anti-skid control and a Voith retarder.

The 49-seater for Hemmings has a satellite navigation system configured to relay information through the vehicle’s monitors to let passengers see where they are, and the estimated travel time to their destination. Hemmings Coaches was set up in 1999 and runs 11 vehicles.