Pit jacks to boost efficiency from AC Hydraulic

Since 1958 AC Hydraulic has produced lifting equipment for the automotive industry. With more than 2500 dealers across Europe, it manufactures a wide range of hydraulic equipment specifically designed to meet the particular demands of modern garages and commercial vehicle workshops. 

With over 35 years’ experience in the UK’s automotive aftermarket sales and service industry, UK business development manager Carlo Alaroni has extensive knowledge of the many challenges modern day workshops face. “We go to great lengths to ensure our line of pit jacks help users to work more efficiently and productively,” says Alaroni. “We make it easy to choose which product is right for your needs, and offer a broad variety of options to ensure each one is the perfect fit for your workshop.”

Two of its most popular pit jacks are the GD200-2M, an air hydraulic twin-ram pit jack with an automatic mechanical safety lock system, and the telescopic GDT pit jack which is designed with a telescopic cylinder and a lowered body design feature. 

The GDT makes having both a pit jack and a transmission jack redundant simply by combining the two into one flexible telescopic jack, according to AC Hydraulic.

“Regardless of your choice of brand or type of pit jack, quality and safety are paramount when it comes to efficiency in the workshop,” adds Alaroni.