More Solos for Go North East

More Solos for Go North East

Go North East has added 14 new Optare Solos, bringing the number of Solos in its fleet to 56. Following this latest batch, more than a quarter of the Go North East single-deck fleet will be Optare vehicles. 

The latest 9.2m Solos are Euro 5s with nine seating up to 30 plus a wheelchair and buggy bay, while the remaining five vehicles seat up to 28 and include belted seats. All of the vehicles have leather upholstery and wifi. The new Solos will operate on routes around Hexham, West Northumberland and North Tyneside. 

“These vehicles bring the total Optare low carbon Solos added to the Go North East fleet in the last 12 months to 28, after 14 new Optare Solos were purchased for the indiGo bus service in Peterlee in August 2015,” says Kevin Carr, Go North East managing director.

Tim Matthews, Optare head of UK sales adds: “We are delighted that the low carbon Solos are delivering such good results for Go North East and that they have decided to invest further in improving air quality in the towns and cities in the north east of England.”