Go-Ahead’s Waterloo bus garage wins international green energy award

Go-Ahead London has been presented with an Energy Globe award for sustainable energy for the conversion of its Waterloo bus garage for the introduction of an electric fleet.

The re-development, completed in 2016, transformed the one-acre site from diesel to full-electric operation and helped the company become one of Europe’s leading operators of electric buses.

Waterloo bus garage was established in 1951 when it provided a base for buses operating to and from the nearby Festival of Britain. Today, a total of 43 recharging points power 46 buses, which are charged overnight using ‘smart’ units which calculate how much power is required based on the following day’s mileage requirement.

The roll-out has cut Go-Ahead London’s carbon footprint by up to 2,500 tonnes of CO2, according to the company’s estimates. In addition, all energy used to charge the buses is purchased from sustainable sources, and since the project completed, Go-Ahead London has also moved to partially convert two more sites in the capital.

“Waterloo has blazed a trail across the world and in doing so the electric buses that operate from it have improved the air we all breathe,” says Go-Ahead London managing director John Trayner. “This prestigious accolade is a welcome recognition for our colleagues, suppliers, Transport for London and the mayor for their commitment to environmentally friendly transport.”

Created in 1999, the Energy Globe awards celebrate innovations in sustainability from around the world. Previous award presenters have included Mikhail Gorbachev and Kofi Annan. Go-Ahead London was one of three finalists for the award from 2,000 entries, which also included a solar energy plant in Chile and a project to encourage data centres to relocate to Sweden and support heat recovery for thermal energy.


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